Information Portal

How to access information?


The Network Box service delegates command and control in four levels:

  • Maintaining overall control, the customer’s management decides the security policy (enforceable at both a global and per-device local level).
  • The Network Box SOC implements the customer’s security policy on the devices under management.
  • Each managed device may have one or more administrators with control over that particular device.
  • End-users protected by managed devices may be delegated control over their use of the device (for example; mail quarantine release, personal Anti-Spam whitelisting and blacklisting).


To facilitate this, Network Box provides an extensive collection of email and web-based Information Portals giving administrators, managers and end-users access to the status, analysis and control systems that they need to take control of their network.


Such systems include the my.network-box.com administrative interface, the Mail Portal end-user portal, Periodic Reporting, the Box Office Customer Portal, iPhone App and iPad App.

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