Mail Portal

The Mail Portal report is usually delivered to end users on a daily basis. However, this report is configurable and can be delivered weekly, daily, twice a day, hourly, or indeed delivered to conform to whatever timeframe suits the customer’s organisational requirements.


Mail Portal Example:

  • Summarises all email addresses used by one person for maximum ease of use.
  • Mail statistics are given, showing both top email senders and top email recipients.
  • Percentages of clean emails, spam and malware are shown, as well as percentages of received verses sent email.
  • Email volume for the time period is shown.
  • Spams which have been quarantined by the Network Box are shown, with options for:
  • Viewing
  • Scheduling Release
  • Request White Listing
  • Malware blocked is also shown (below the visible area in the example), but end users are not normally given the option to release malware for obvious reasons.

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