What is MAPP?

The Microsoft Active Protections Program (MAPP) is a program for security software providers and Network Box joined MAPP in summer of 2009.


Members of MAPP receive security vulnerability information from the Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC) in advance of Microsoft 's monthly security update.


When MAPP partners receive vulnerability information early, they can provide updated protections to customers via their security software or devices, such as antivirus, network-based intrusion detection systems, or host-based intrusion prevention systems.


Even with these protections, Microsoft recommends that customers deploy security updates to help prevent exploitation of vulnerabilities as quickly as possible.

You can find out more information on MAPP at Microsoft's MAPP site.


The amount of time between the release of a Microsoft security update and the release of exploit code for that update continues to shorten. MAPP gives security software providers early access to vulnerability information.


Before this program, security software providers had to wait until the public release of a security update before building protections. With MAPP, security software providers can deliver protection features to customers more quickly. 


Network Box MAPP announcements:



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